Hi, I’m Gaz.

I’ve been a designer for about 17 years, and maker of digital things for about 12 years.

I’m proud to work as a Product Designer at FutureGov, the digital and design company for public services. Since joining in 2014 I’ve worked on most of our products, including Patchwork, Casserole, and Doc Ready. I’ve also worked on several prototypes to test and iterate on ideas for new and improved public services.

Before I became a designer, I had been an entomologist, a barperson, a record shop manager, a deck chair attendant, and a recording studio tape operator.

I’ve started more side projects than I care to remember, but I am fond of My Ward and 52 Weeks of Data.

I’m interested in lots of things, so I’m never bored. I love science and the natural world, and anything to do with space. I like cooking and drinking. When I’m over my torn cruciate ligament, I plan on enjoying snowboarding once more, or I might take up golf, because why not spoil a nice walk?

Want to connect? I’m on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.